The First Post

Hey everyone, welcome to my humble little blog, Lady Jabberwocky. The name comes from Lewis Carroll’s poem, a poem that is light and humorous and whimsical. Now, fresh out of college, I’ve decided to apply this sentiment to this writing blog.

Here, you may find things like writing prompts, inspirational quotes from notable authors and declarations of love to the books I can’t put down. Tips on survive writing workshops and the essentials to a good story, shall be here too. There may even be bits from my life as an aspiring writer in here too. But bear with me, I’m still getting my feet wet as a blogger. One must start somewhere.

Let’s talk about writing.

But let’s not talk about it like it’s a boring lecture or a mathematical equation. I’m not a professor of English literature, not yet anyway, I’m simply a lover of stories. Storytelling is an art. I want to write about writing in a fun, relaxed kind of way. Let’s talk about writing and books like we’re friends on a comfortable sofa, in our pajamas eating takeout. Who knows, you might even learn something.

Let’s hang out and become better writers together.

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