Best Books I’ve Bought for a Bargain

Some people might call me cheap, or stingy, or penny-pinching. This may be true, but I like to call it being frugal or thrifty. I go straight for the clearance section of a bookstore or library. I will search through the torn up books at the thrift store  to find the hidden literary gems. And if you’re like me, you know the feeling of finding a hard cover book, in decent condition, for a dollar, is amazing and your book nerd heart flutters in excitement.

Here’s a list, in order of greatness, of the books I have bought for less than $5.


Go Set a Watchman

Now, when this book came out, I remember there being a bit of controversy surrounding it, like if it was genuinely written by Harper Lee and connected To Kill a Mockingbird.  By mere chance, I found this one in my public library, for a dollar, a couple of months after it’s release. Very lucky. It wasn’t the “sequel” to Mockingbird I was expecting, but I did enjoy reading about how those beloved characters grew and evolved into different stages of life.


The Paris Wife

Really interesting find for $2. The story explores the entirety of Ernest Hemingway’s relationship with his first wife, written in her (fictional) perspective. Repeat; for $2.  What a steal! Definitely recommend this book.


The Jewel  Box

In the clearance section of a Barnes and Noble was The Jewel Box. Great story. Takes place in the 1920s London. It’s romantic and had a fantastic representation of the time period. Bought it for like… 4 bucks?


The Book Thief

Currently reading this book right now, as suggested by one of my lovely followers. It’s pretty great so far. The imagery is astounding, seriously. This was one of those literary gems found in a thrift store for 1.50.


The Little Paris Bookshop

This book is actually one of my favorite books ever. And I got it for 50 cents! WHAT!? I have to make a post one day on how much I adore this book. It made me laugh, it made me cry (books rarely make me cry), it made me comfort myself by eating (many snack breaks).  This story is wonderful and so so relatable, I couldn’t believe how captivated I was with this novel.

You never know what book, whether 50 cents or $50,  is going to give you not only a great story to read but become something cherished on your bookshelf.

What was the best book you’ve ever bought for a cheap price? I want to hear stories of other book nerds rummaging through thrift stores.

Hope you guys had a great holiday.

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky.


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