To Six Wonderful Years



See that guy?

That would be Michael. The boyfriend.

Today marks 6 years that we have been together.

I consider myself incredibly lucky.

He’s pretty wonderful. I just love him.

The way his optimism brightens my day, even when I feel quite gloomy.

The way he becomes absolutely absorbed and focused on something he’s interested in.

The way he tries to sing to me but can’t remember any lyric to any song.

The way he smiles when he comes home with Chinese takeout for a night of cuddling and Food Network.

We laugh together and support each other through everything.

Yes, we’ve been through rough patches in our lives, love isn’t always roses.

But there’s no one else in the world I would rather face the ups and downs of life with than with him. No one else I’d rather have an adventure with.

Okay, enough of the sappy stuff. I’ve got a dinner and a movie date with a handsome gentleman caller.

To Six Wonderful Years….♥

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