The 5 Causes of Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens to every writer at one point or another. It may be a fog over your thoughts, or an inability to focus or just drawing an utter blank. Today, we are going to identify what can interrupt the writing process. It goes beyond a lack of ideas.

Not The Right Time

Sometimes, a story can be like beef stew. Listen to the Puerto Rican for a second, okay? Your ideas may need more time to develop, to bubble and boil on the stove. Perhaps it’s not the right time to write, don’t lift the lid of the pot. You still need to actively brainstorm your ideas until they feel solid and clear in your mind. There’s a thin line between stewing and procrastinating.


Fear. Self Doubt. That voice that all writers have in their head that constantly remind them of failure or how bad their writing is. “Everything I’m writing is trash! I’m a terrible writer”. That fear will prevent you from telling a story that’s meant to be told.

Trying to be Perfect

You are striving for perfection. Your expectations are high. It’s difficult to achieve perfection before actually putting pen to paper. First drafts, even seconds drafts, aren’t even near being perfect.


You’re too distracted. There’s always something going on in all of our lives. Work, school, spouse, kids, illness. Life happens. Desks get cluttered, brains get full. You’re juggling too much at the moment and your work of fiction takes the back burner.


Lack of motivation. Loss of passion. The emotional fuel take is low. Even just flat-out laziness. Sometimes, when things feel cloudy, our internal spark has to be reignited.

Getting to the root of the problem may help you find the answer to fix it.

Next post…. How to beat writer’s block. Stay tuned!

What does writer’s block feel like to you? Let me know in the comments.

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

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