A Jabberwocky Does Tags: The Writer Tag.

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

I’ve mostly written short stories, but I’d like to have a novel on the shelf someday. In terms of fiction writing, I love writing stories of fantasy and mystery. I’ve always been split between those two genres though. I’d like to think there’s a bit of curiosity sprinkled into the stories I write, If that makes sense. Topics? Well, I try to include elements of real life in my stories. Like real issues people deal with, like strained relationships and personal struggles. (Does that answer your question?)

How long have you been writing?

Since high school, way back in Freshman year when I was an infant. I started writing a few short stories here and there for fun, to make people laugh, not to spark some profound emotion. Later on, I had a few assignments where I had to compose scenes based on works we read in class, like Shakespeare and Greek Mythology. I really enjoyed those kind of assignments. Using my imagination and molding a story just felt right, but I was so shy and insecure about my writing, I let very few people read.  I did have one teacher who was really encouraging about my writing and thought I had a unique, “quirky”, voice. She influenced me to earn my degree in English after I graduated.

Why do you write?

You know when you pick up a book and you can’t put it down? Because you’re so absorbed in the story and characters? I want to write a story that grabs the reader’s attention. A story that makes people feel a deeper emotion and they can relate to the characters in some way. When words on a page can connect to someone like that, that’s special. To me, writing is like magic.

When is the best time to write?

For some reason, I write best around Midnight. When I probably should be in cozy pijamas and asleep, is when I usually feel like writing. But I do have the occasional afternoon writing session, but mostly I tend to write after the sun goes down. (Plus, right before a deadline, because I’m a procrastinator and pressure makes diamonds)

What parts of writing do you love and hate?

I love…

  • Dialogue, like conversations between characters. That’s usually what comes first to me when I start a scene, I write around the dialogue. (Is that weird?)
  • Creating Characters, building them up to be flawed and real and wonderful.
  • When you find that “right word” that you’ve been searching for that just fits. Feels like hitting the ball out the park.

I hate…

  • Descriptions of the setting, especially when describing the outdoors and nature.
  • When ideas come to me and I can’t get to them right away. Or no idea comes at all.
  • When that teeny voice in your head tells you all your work is terrible. (Every writer has one, not just the crazy people)

How do you overcome writer’s block?

Still learning how to overcome writer’s block, if i’m honest. But when I am stuck, talking my ideas out with someone or taking a break to reconfigure my thoughts, helps. Sometimes, I just need to forget about being perfect and allow myself to write utter garbage.

Are you working on something at the moment?

Slowly but surely, I am writing a mystery. It takes place in New York, 1924, and it’s about a detective and his apprentice solving the murder of an actress. Recently, I just got hired to write reviews on comic books for a website, so that’s exciting. That is taking up most of my time at the moment. Also, keeping up this blog too. So, juggling a couple of writing projects here.

What are your writing goals this year?

  • Set a routine for writing. Right now, I’m focusing on work writing and not on my personal writing projects, like this blog and my fiction writing. I want to establish a schedule, actually stick to it, and find time for everything.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again. Last year was a fun and well needed challenge. I definitely want to try again.
  • To continue writing my detective story. Smooth out all the bumps and really focus more on what I want to write.

Found the writer tag on Drizzle and Hurricane Books ! Check out her answers!

Think this is going to become a new series on my blog, doing some tags for all you guys. So, send me some fun tags you’d like me to do. Tags about writing, books, being a human, anything.

I believe the expression is “tag me” (Do the kids still say that?).

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky.

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  1. I love your answer to why you write. I believe writing is all about connecting to other people in some way (whether it be your characters or your readers). And yes, I definitely believe that it is absolutely magic.

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