The Wizard and His Lady (Part Two)

The Wizard and His Lady

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He peered into the lake, to stare at his own reflection, and was met instead by the image of a beautiful maiden. Her eyes were the color of forgotten pearls and her hair fell into gentle waves of gold. Not startled in the slightest, he placed a hand on his heart and bowed solemnly. “My lady.” The corner of her lips curved up slightly. “I was wondering when you would show yourself.”

The leaves in the trees bristled in the wind. “Wizard” Her honeyed voice, familiar and sweet, danced in the air. “I know why you are here.

With that, the Wizard let out a hearty laugh. “Can I not visit an old friend? I wanted to see you.” The water began to ripple. Her eyes narrowed as the reflection wavered. “Clever as always, dear one. I am in need of your assistance.”

The maiden emerged from the glass-like surface. Her skin was as pale and delicate as the water lilies surrounding the lake. Clothed in white samite, she exuded the grace of a queen entering her court. “You’ve come to take the sword, haven’t you? My treasure?” She sounded disheartened as she stood on the water with bare feet, gazing at her wizened companion.

From the water’s depths, the sword’s light radiated like a burning torch. “It seems a war is brewing. My King requires the blade’s power” He said, lifting his wrinkled face the sky and stroking his beard.

“There have been many men who have come in search of a glory they are not fit to bear.” She explained, her chin raised proudly. “Why is your beloved king not here to claim the sword for himself?”

The Wizard looked upon the Lady with great care and gentleness. “You are a lady, a most wondrous lady. You are not a conquest for the King, or any knight, to pursue. I would not allow you to be subject to false kindness or an outright assault.” His warm hand caressed her chilled skin, tracing the curve of her cheek with his thumb. “I would never allow you to be harmed, which is why I have come instead, to speak plainly with you.”

A small smile graced her pale lips. “Chivalry extends to men of magic as well, I see.” The maiden turned away from the wizard. Her gaze traveled from the blooming waterlilies to where the sword was held, trapped in stone under the cerulean surface. “You, Great Wizard, know the events that will come. With my treasure by his side, your king will be victorious in every battle except for his last. You are merely prolonging the inevitable.”

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