The Wizard and His Lady (Part Three)

The Wizard and His Lady

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     A small smile graced her pale lips. “Chivalry extends to men of magic as well, I see.” The maiden turned away from the wizard. Her gaze traveled from the blooming waterlilies to where the sword was held, trapped in stone under the cerulean surface. “You, Great Wizard, know the events that will come. With my treasure by his side, your king will be victorious in every battle except for his last. You are merely prolonging the inevitable.”

     With much softness, he stepped closer to her. The man attempted to reason with her. “I come as a friend. We are both creatures of magic. We both play a role in this man’s fate and-“

   “And the sword does not grant it’s wielder immortality” Her tone was sharp. A dragonfly perched on her outreached fingers. “Humans. Such fragile and insignificant lifespans.” She mused, her pale lips pursed in annoyance.”Why should I relinquish the blade? He will perish regardless.” The insect flew off as she turned to face the lake, her dainty hands clenched into fists. “I am bound to protect the sword as you are bound to protect your king.”

      The Lady disappeared into a wisp of fog. Clouds eclipsed the sun’s light. A strong gust of wind pushed through, rattling the leaves. His cloak waved furiously behind him. Despite the conjuring storm, he stood his ground. Her delicate voice became the hazy air that hissed around the Wizard.

      “…A fool to meddle in a human’s life….Insignificant…..Your precious king will fall in the end…….Inevitable.

     A tremendous ache weighed on his heart. His disposition grew somber as he nodded gravely. “I am aware of that, sweet one. He will not endure. As the battle approaches, the King will face unimaginable scorn. I wish for the King’s reign… For his mark in time…To be remembered as an honorable one” The wizard leaned on his wooden staff as he braced against her fury intertwined with nature. “My lady… I need your trust. His life will end, that is certain. His legacy, however, will endure.”

     The lake, the forest, the entire world fell silent once again.