The Wizard and His Lady (Part Four)

The Wizard and His Lady

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     The lake, the forest, the entire world fell silent once again. The fog enveloped the Wizard. The wind settled into a gentle breeze. His shoulders slumped; He slowly walked along the lake’s shore. The air whispered softly against his ear.

     “I have trust in you, and the legacy you believe in”

     As the mist cleared, the Lady appeared once again, this time with the sword in her hands. “An unbreakable weapon, forged by daybreak’s first light for a noble and brave warrior.” She offered the sword to him, entrusting the enchanted blade in his care. “I bestow Excalibur onto you, for your precious king. May he never know defeat. May his heart never break. May his courage never falter.”

     The Wizard held the sword carefully in his hands, admiring the gold embellishments on the hilt and the carving of vines and flowers on the blade. He gave his thanks to the maiden of the lake. As he turned to take his leave, the Lady spoke once again. “We will meet again, great Wizard.”

     He pressed his lips into her hand, his words like a vow. “We will always meet again, my lady.”

     Years passed. In a distant land, a war raged on. Valiant warriors were slaughtered like livestock. Snow began to fall, coating the forest in a layer of white emptiness.

      The Lady waited for the Wizard’s return.

    Then, a knight in battle torn armor approached the lake. He held the magic sword, drenched in the blood of combat, and offered the weapon to the clouded water. The Lady revealed herself swiftly. The knight collapsed to his knees in anguish.

     “The king of Camelot has fallen in battle” He announced in utter despair. “His dying wish was to return the sword to it’s rightful place. To you, fair lady.”

“What of the Great Wizard?” She asked with a note of dread in her voice.

The knight shook his head; the surface of the lake trembled.