Words for Writers Wednesday: Twas the Night Before NaNoWriMo

Twas the Night before NaNoWriMo,

And all through the house,

Every writer was stressing,

Get out of here, mouse!

The outlines were hung by the work desk with care,

in hopes that a novel soon would be there.

…. Okay, enough Christmas spirit in October….

Tomorrow is the first of November,

which means Day One of National Novel Writing Month,

for those who are participating in the 50,000 word challenge this year.

I just wanted to wish everyone luck on your writing project and to give some last minute encouragement to all the NaNoWriMo writers.

Just start writing and don’t stop. Ignore your inner critic and perfectionist.

Be brave, and remember you can get through any challenge.

Do your best. Don’t worry about anyone else’s word count.

Keep all the notes, all the supporters and all the snacks close at hand. You’ll need them.

Be sure to check out my ultimate NaNoWriMo survival guide.

Best of luck to all the writers participating in National Novel Writing Month this year!

Let’s friggin’ do this, guys!

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky,