The Story I Secretly Want to Write for this Blog

Hello Writer Bees!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. In a previous post, I mentioned about bringing more stories to the table. Which, frankly, is still a goal I’m setting for myself. But, really, I actually do have a particular story in mind.

I’ve been interested in writing a series, a multi part tale. It’d be a mystery story, featuring some characters from my WIP, with a sprinkle of magic. However, that wouldn’t be the only twist. How cool would a choose-your-own-adventure sound? A game where you, my lovely writer bees, can pick which path the detectives take. It’d be like you becoming a detective and solving the case yourself.

This make take some time to plan and organize. I’ve never attempted anything like this before. No harm in trying something new, right? And, if I manage to pull it off, it could be awesome.

I want to hear from you guys. This is me gauging the room. Is a choose your own adventure something you’d be interested in, here on this blog? A mystery where you control how the story goes. Sound like a good idea to you? Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you guys!

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

More Stories (And Maybe Some Updates) Are Coming

Hello Writer Bugs.

I apologize for the delay with this post. Busy week. Lots of ideas. You know, my usual existential crisis.

This will just be some quick announcements.

First off, more stories are coming to this blog. Flash fiction stories, real life stories and possibly a much longer series. Originally, I wanted to hold back on posting too many stories, from fear of being like a pretentious writer or something. But my wonderful boyfriend told me that if artists share their artwork on their sites, why couldn’t I share mine?

Also, thanks to my generous support on Patreon, I have been considering upgrading this blog and actually paying for WordPress. If any of you have advice on upgrading WordPress plans, please let me know in the comments. Clearly, I need all the help I can get.

Bottom line; There may be some schedule and site changes in the future. The gears are turning over here, writer bees. It’s a goal of my to make this blog something special, for you guys.

Let me know what you want to see more of on this blog. I’d love to hear from you.

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

Proud Colors (LGBT Flash Fiction)

Red. Red is the color of romance and passion and successful first dates. This red did not cut it. Need a darker shade of red. Like glass of chilled Merlot red. Like matching his football jersey red. Makeup remover to the rescue. I viciously wiped Ruby Explosion off my lips. What else is there? Tickled Pink. Burnt Berry. Cherry Pop will have to do.

Mascara gives me eye lashes like Ramona Ortega from down the street. That girl has ridiculously long eyelashes. And curvature like no other. I’m built like a tall can of beer. Light beer. The kind women pretend to enjoy at Super Bowl parties. Mascara can’t give me curves like her.

Eyeliner is a game. Playing connect the dots with you eyelids. I always manage to draw outside the lines. “Al,” My sister stands in the doorway, folding her arms across her chest. There’s a constellation of freckles scattered across her nose. A smile curls onto her lips. This week, Pepper dyed her hair purple. Purple. The color of childhood dinosaurs and artists on the brink of insanity. Moody purple is tied into a top knot. “Need help?”

My hands brace against the granite counter. Doubt is grey, if you look at it close enough. Grey creeps along the shell of my ear. “Be honest, Pep. Do I look like a clown?” I ask because a clown was definitely staring back at me in the mirror. What if baby deer eyelashes isn’t enough to win him over? What if cherry red lipstick isn’t enough to earn a goodnight kiss?

She stands beside me, offering a simple shake of her head. “Are we going for beautiful or handsome?” She asks as she skillfully traces my eyelid with the pen. Like an artist at her canvas.

A laugh hiccups in my chest. “Both, if I’m lucky.”

“Good. Because you look like both,” Pepper straightens my jacket and runs her fingers through my hair. An encouraging, motherly touch that came from my sister. Stew together yellow, orange and gold and you’ll end up with a bowl of encouragement and pride. “He is gonna fall head over heels for you. I mean, he’d have to. You’re the only guy crazy enough to wear a full face of makeup to a roller skating rink.” She adds as she finishes a near perfect cat eye with a flourish.

I face off against my reflection and dust the nerves off my shoulder. The doorbell rings. A kaleidoscope rattles in my brain. He’s early. With a playful wink, she pats me on the shoulder.

“Go get ’em, Albert.”

To everyone celebrating Pride Month, this one’s for you.

– Lady Jabberwocky