Sorcerous of the Winter Moon (Fantasy Flash Fiction)

This is a short story I wrote based the prompt of the week “Create a Fantasy Weapon“.

“What in all the realms is that?” The two children of magic stepped forward. Wedged high into the stone was a bejeweled staff with shards of ice cradling a turquoise orb.

Cecil shivered behind me, adjusting his spectacles. “The wand of Pellinora the wicked, sorcerous of the Winter Moon.” He unpacked a leather bound tome from his belongings and skimmed the tattered pages. Wings of a monarch butterfly stretched out on the young fae’s back as she lifted herself off the ground for a closer look. Her fingers gingerly caressed the silver handle. “I-I wouldn’t touch that if I were you. Legend has it that Pellinora was banished into her own wand.” Her companion’s voice wavered.

Juniper grasped the staff in her hand. Her idle flutter dipped down in the air, not expecting the weight of the scepter to be so heavy. “Oh please, that’s just a myth-” The orb began to glow, filling the cave with shimmering teal light. In a flurry of magic, a whirlwind of snow and ice began to rage within the cave.

“Juniper!” The young wizard called out, the blizzard colliding into his chest and forcing him to the ground. “Put it down!” She released the scepter, ice burning her hands. Frost chilled the tips of her wings. The silver staff clattered to the ground, the orb’s light dimming in ease. Cecil scrambled to his feet, clutching the book to his chest. “I forgot to mention, the wand can summon a blizzard at one’s will.”

The fairy girl hovered over the wand, shaking the snow out of her chestnut brown hair. “But I didn’t ask to summon anything!”

“It may not have been your will, b-but it may have been hers.”

The two adventurers stared down at the scepter. A devious laugh echoed through the cavern.