NaNoWriMo 2019: A Bumpy Start (Days 1-3)

Hello Writer bees!

So, NaNoWriMo started off a bit bumpy.

(It’s fine. Everything’s fine.)

This is my super short NaNoWriMo update.

First off, I suddenly had freelancing orders to write this week. Right before November started. The schedule of a freelance writer is unpredictable. Although my attention is split between projects, I’m managing to juggle.

(Breathing through a paper bag. )

And I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’ve experienced some issues with the NaNo site (Incorrect word count and stat updates.) I hope this gets fixed soon. Not helping my motivation either. I really rely on stats every NaNoWriMo.

(Sobbing on the floor in misery.)

Frankly, I’m having a slow start. Cranking out a few hundred words a day so far. BUT I’m trying to keep my head up and slowly gain momentum. My goal is to write at least 1,000 words before DnD game later today.

Sorry for the small (and probably lame update). I’ll share my full week one progress on Friday/Saturday. Thanks for all the support and encouragement, writer bugs. Good luck to all the writers participating in National Novel Writing Month.

Are you guys having trouble with word counting and stats too? And how was your NaNo start? Let me know in the comments.

– Lady Jabberwocky

10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2019: A Bumpy Start (Days 1-3)

  1. Yes, the word count was wobbly. I didn’t do stats. First time this year for me, so I’m seeing what can be done and what not. Trying not to despair! Typescript so far a jumble of thoughts, narrative, plans (I can’t plan or plot until I start actually writing) but I’m pushing to reach the word-count. I’m trying to do more than the 1,600 and whatsit a day – not sure if I can produce every day (relative to look after). The plus side of all this, though, is that I am learning a lot. It is a long time since I tried a longish, novel-ish piece of work. If I sound vague, that’s the way I work best!

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  2. I know what you mean about the website. I like what they are trying to do, but there are definitely a few gaps. I just found myself now clicking around to look at the stats a few different ways to see where my word count fit compared to par. Feel free to create your own chart or put stars or emojis on your calendar to cheer yourself on. It is hard when other projects are pressing, too. Which means–any words written are something to celebrate, and just hang in there!

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  3. One step at a time! The past few days have been okay so far, I’ve been managing to meet my word count goals but I know that this is just the beginning. I usually start strong and struggle near the middle of the month from my past two NaNo experiences. Just thinking about it gives me stress lol, so I feel ya! We just got to keep going though and no matter how many words we get out we are moving forward!!! Even small steps eventually get you places 😀

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