NaNoWriMo 2019: Week One

Hello, hello, writer bees!

Hope NaNoWriMo is treating you well.

Things have still been bumpy on my end. Monday morning, I woke up sick as a dog. Took me out of commission for 3 days. It sounds like an excuse, and it probably is. Still battling my usual writing demons. I’m trying to push through my fear of writing trash. This entire month may be garbage, and maybe that’s alright. I haven’t edited anything, even though I desperately want to.

I’ve written about 3,000 words~ this week. Which I know is awful, don’t remind me. It’s a slow start. Cross your fingers that I can crank out more words this weekend, after some serious cuddle time with the boyfriend, of course.

Currently, I’m busy playing catch up. I’m not out of the running yet, folks. Hoping for more progress week two.

Again, thanks for all the kind words and support.

How is NaNoWriMo project going? Let me know in the comments!

– Lady Jabberwocky

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2019: Week One

  1. To me, the word count does not really matter. I managed 15,000 last year and even though that was only 30% of the official target it got me started on a project that I finished the first draft of in September, which I really enjoyed writing.

    This year I did loads of prep (I have a detailed outline of the first third of the story) so it has been going better than I had hoped. It has helped that I am only working 15 days this month so I have set myself targets only for my non working days, and if I get anything done on a day when I am working that is a bonus.

    All the best for your second week!

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