Need a Writer? Then I'm Your Lady! Hire This Writer!

Hello! I’m Victoria and I’ve been a freelance writer for 2 years. Over the course of my freelancing adventures, I’ve written everything from product descriptions to full length articles.

If interested in hiring my services, feel free to email me anytime at .

(Payment through PayPal) (Writing Samples are Available)

Blog Post and Article Writing

Any topic. Research included. Free revisions, if needed. Writing samples are available.

Favored topics: Food and Beverage. Travel. Pets. Creative Writing. Comic Books. Art. Animation.

Tone: Lighthearted. Conversational. Humorous. Engaging.

  • 500 words = $15
  • 1000 words = $20 – $30
  • 2000 words = $40 – $50
  • 5000 words = $100 – $120

Word count is flexible and prices are negotiable.

Product Descriptions

Got products that need describing? Whether they are short, catchy tidbits or in depth details, I can write product descriptions that perfectly showcase your inventory. Let me know how many items and your desired length of descriptions.

Price: ~$20 per 1000 words

Proofreading and Editing

Prices may vary, depending on word count and how much editing needs to be done. This can be a quick cleanup or major corrections and notes for improvement. I will have your essay looking like an A plus in no time!


And Don’t Forget to Become a Patron!

(Patrons get first priority for orders)

(Note: I have the right to decline orders for whatever reason.)

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