Need a Writer? Then I’m Your Lady! Hire This Writer!

Hello! I’m Victoria and I’ve been a freelance writer for 2 years. Over the course of my freelancing adventures, I’ve written everything from product descriptions to full length articles.

If interested in hiring my services, feel free to email me anytime at .

(Payment through PayPal) (Writing Samples are Available)

Blog Post and Article Writing

Any topic. Research included. Free revisions, if needed.

Favored topics: Food and Beverage. Travel. Pets. Creative Writing. Comic Books. Art. Animation.

Tone: Lighthearted. Conversational. Humorous. Engaging.

Word count is flexible and prices are negotiable.

Product Descriptions

Got products that need describing? Whether they are short, catchy tidbits or in depth details, I can write product descriptions that perfectly showcase your inventory. Let me know how many items and your desired length of descriptions.

Contact me for rates.

Proofreading and Editing

Prices may vary, depending on word count and how much editing needs to be done. This can be a quick cleanup or major corrections and notes for improvement. I will have your essay looking like an A plus in no time!


(Note: I have the right to decline orders for whatever reason.)


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