Prompt of the Week: What’s in Your Easter Egg?

You open an Easter egg and what’s inside is DEFINETLY not candy. What’s in the plastic egg?

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

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2 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: What’s in Your Easter Egg?

  1. I find a blue plastic egg and hear not the ‘thunk thunk’ of bite-size candy, but something lighter. I open it up and a silver necklace falls into my hand. There is a pendant on it: a silver unicorn with a zirconia eye.

    He gave me this necklace years ago, and I treasured it. I wore it everyday, never taking it off, even when I showered. It was the first real gift from someone I loved.

    But I wish I could say that this necklace brings back good memories. I loved him, but in viewing our relationship through adult eyes, I don’t think he ever loved me. It took me years of abusive words and multiple cold shoulders to realize that his love was just as real as the piece of costume jewelry he gave me.

    He broke my heart multiple times and I kept handing it right back to him.

    Although I have grown wiser over the years, I have also become more guarded with my heart. I don’t reveal too much of myself to a new partner; they have to pass a series of silent tests that they will never know, nor will they ever understand.

    I put the necklace back into the blue egg and put it back in its hiding place. It’s okay if I never find it again. It never held real significance…and because of this, I can move on.

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