Prompt of the Week: A Note is Found

A note is found. What does the note say? What was it written on?

What does the detective think of this clue? How does this piece of evidence tie into the case?

(Have fun with this one.)


Shout out to BlankCanvas for their awesome responses to both the Secret Door prompt and the Mind of a Killer prompt.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

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4 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: A Note is Found

      1. I shared this prompt with my boyfriend and he came up with a creative piece which I hope you don’t mind me sharing on his behalf!

        It was dusk and the deep red glow of the sun glinted onto the highrises surrounding him. The salty sea air wafted through the decrepid streets and Harry followed his nose to the dockside.

        He took a sharp left which led to a narrow street leading to the seafront. The waters edge was lined with craneside docks and huge tanker ships. In the corner of his eye, he noticed a dark figure. It was around twenty metres away in the street he had just walked down, and he was following. The figure looked both ways before entering the street Harry currently occupied. The cool sea breeze picked up and Harry sensed something off about his companion; he carried himself too well to be a street thug.

        Harry turned his head a fraction to see the man through the glass fronts of the shops. He was tall and very well dressed, with grey hair and an expensive fur coat. Harry increased his pace and reached the waterfront which was barred by railings. He leant on the cold iron and braced as the man behind passed suspiciously close to him, before disappearing along the promenade, and down a side street.

        Rubbish blew in the wind and a glass bottle rattled to a stop next to Harry. He impatiently kicked the bottle away into the dirty water in front of him. He watched the rubbish float in the choppy waters. He noticed some unusual things about the bottle, as it floated in front of him; it was for expensive champagne, but only contained a carefully folded note.

        Harry’s eyes widened. He whipped around, casting a long glance down the promenade. There was just a few shops and boat hire stores but little else. His mind was whirring. Could that man have left him that bottle? What could it mean?

        Harry leaned over the railing. He couldn’t reach, so he slipped underneath, with one hand clutching the metal bar. His other hand was straining to reach the bottle. His fingers brushed the cool glass and yanked it out the greasy water. The metal bar dug into Harry’s gut and he fell onto the floor.

        With one swift move he smashed the bottle and carefully took the note. It was small and the paper was expensive and waxy. Harry slid his fingers to the fold and flipped the paper open to reveal a miniscule hand drawn map and a note which read:

        They know you are getting close, this is much bigger than either of us, we need to talk, I might have some information that could help you with this case. First you must contact the victim’s ex girlfriend. She hasn’t been honest with you so make sure to check her alibi.

        The sun had set below the horizon leaving an inky purple stain in the sky. It was getting late, it would be dangerous to stay there any longer. He took out his phone and called his partner.

        “Go ahead Harry, have you got anything?” his partner asked, quietly.

        “Meet me at the office, I will be there shortly” Harry replied bluntly, and hung up the phone.

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