Writer On: July Writing Goals

Hello Writer Bees!

Time to fly by July and set some new writing goals.

If you’d like, take a look at my June and last month’s recap.

Writing Plans

  • Write 200-300 words a day.
  • More research on 1920s (to help with descriptions).
  • Tweak character profiles.
  • Write a short story for the blog.

Reading Goals

What do you guys think of my goals? And what are your writing plans for this month? Talk to me in the comments!

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

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6 thoughts on “Writer On: July Writing Goals

  1. I’ve been meaning to get back to Sherlock Holmes! I read a handful of stories for one of my college classes a few year ago but I’ve been meaning to read the entire collection completely! I need to make that a goal, lol 😀 You’ve got a lot of great goals! Sending you good luck and good vibes for July ❤

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    1. Thank you! It’s reassuring to know you finished your novel that way. That’s amazing! Hopefully, I’ll make more progress with a small daily goal. Best of luck with your writing endeavors too! 🙂


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