Prompt of the Week: Baby of Mine

Write a story based on the word ‘Baby‘.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

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One thought on “Prompt of the Week: Baby of Mine

  1. It’s not like I imagined I’d be a drug addict. It’s not something people set out to do, but I got into it because of my chum Barney, who swore that I’d be above addiction. He’s dead now, and I’m wasted, wondering when I get my second chance at life. I also wonder if Barney can see me now, and feels bad about giving me my first hit. June 8th, 2017, I found a bicycle in a dumpster, didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, so I picked it up and fixed it. Then I started riding. At first, my ass hurt just going down the block, but I got better. I went further. The other day, I biked near 20 km. In the sunshine, you sweat out everything that’s screwed you up over the years, like it’s a sweaty spandex exorcism replete with chafing and butthurtness. That was the first pathway towards salvation for me, some bike from a dumpster. Now and then, I stop in a farmer’s field as I’m out for a ride, and look up at the sky, wondering if Barney can see me, and what he would think. It’s been three years since my last hit. I feel healthy. Engaged. I’m employed, and am loved by at least three people. It’s amazing how a bit of aluminum frame underlain by rubber tires can change your life, coming as it did from a dumpster, but that’s the way it is at times. Salvation rides on two wheels. It takes you to the country, into the farmers fields. It takes you back to yourself. Barney baby, if only you knew. I hope you can see me now. I really do.

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