Prompt of the Week: The Gift of a Lifetime

Write a story based on the word ”gift”.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

Stay safe and keep writing!

—- Lady Jabberwocky

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3 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: The Gift of a Lifetime

  1. He stuffed another package into an increasingly overflowing cargo plane filled with presents and packages meant for loved ones, or sometimes as a present to oneself if the prices on Amazon were right. It was probably one of the last flights that had a chance of getting purchases to their destination before Christmas Day.

    John cracked his fingers and looked up at the dark grey skies.

    “Gonna snow,” he said to no one in particular, especially not to the resident village idiot, Geoff who had managed to sneak up on him from behind.

    “You’re always right,” Geoff chimed in. The boy was right. John was already six for six this year alone. “It’s like you have a special kind of gift of predicting when it will snow.”

    John looked at his coworker. “It’s not a gift. It’s arthritis, you boob. Get back to work”.

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  2. It took me years to figure out what I was brought here to do, but I finally figured it out. My name is Jólakötturinn, but you can call me Yule Cat. It started when I was a kitten, I never craved human meat before but on the day of Yuletide there was one human that smelled so delicious. I couldn’t stop myself before I knew it, he was gone. The next year the same thing happened again. Only on Yuletide did I desire human meat, but that desire was so strong. So very very strong. This happened year after year after year. I would eat my normal diet of elk and deer every day of the year except Yule. On Yule, I would eat human. It was years before I finally figured out why.

    I was slinking through a human town the morning of Yule and surprisingly, I didn’t crave human meat. This lack of craving gave me strength, I had always wanted to see what humans do on Yuletide. I peeked through the window and saw a male human unwrapping a gift. He pulled out what I assume was an article of clothing. (I don’t really know because I don’t wear clothes)

    “Thank you, sweetie.” He said to the female in the room “I’ll wear it tomorrow.” As soon as those words left his mouth I smelled his scent and craved it. I launched my paw through the door of the house and clawed at the male. His wife was screaming, he was screaming, I was yowling. I finally caught the male. I pulled him out of the house and poured him down my throat. The wife started screaming even louder.

    It was from that day on that I knew my purpose. I was to eat the humans that didn’t wear the gifts that they receive on Yuletide.

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