Prompt of the Week: What Does Anger Feel Like?

What does anger feel like?

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

Stay safe and keep writing!

—- Lady Jabberwocky

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9 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: What Does Anger Feel Like?

  1. My blood is glowing red.
    A pulsing, urge sends onerousness to the nerves.
    The teeth clench and the brow tightens.
    The nerves are trembling with callus, hot emotion.
    Displeasure, dissatisfaction and remorse cloud the thoughts.
    Malice, hatred and vengeance race to compete.
    Deep concern arises out of the ashes of my former, calm demeanor.
    Hairs are erected and reason is deflected.
    An ominous notion overcomes peaceful intentions as my ability to cope fades into rage.
    Pain becomes fuel and confusion passes as clarity.
    My veins and nerves are delivering scorching messages of danger to my brain and body.
    I cannot know truth, love or affection.
    Blind am I to consolation or comfort.
    The weight of one thousand apologies and regrets crushes my soul and conforms.
    I am a slave to it now, I have but one emotion and the world is going to pay for it’s advance.
    I am a ball of fire.
    I am the center of insecurity.
    I am a harbinger of evil and the might of divinity.
    I am the judge, jury and executioner.
    I am a powerful motivator and a poor negotiator.
    I am mad.
    I am crazy.
    I am the actions of a friend, lover or stranger.



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  2. I live in a constant state of huffing and puffing, I feel like I’m a big bad wolf with a factory line of houses to blow down.
I am the heat that traverses necks and cheeks and turns them violent red. I am passion without reason or desire.
Deserts of foul sands, my home is the ugliness in others. A torrent of complex tornadoes carries me to and fro.

Destination unknown.

Yet back here I am again with you. Why you?
Calm down for I cannot.
I see the light before I come and the release when I have left. I long to be precisely where I am not.

I am a huge sun of molten emotion that so many fear and hate.
But to me I’m merely Anger, the only one who can’t escape.
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing my response as a blog post with your prompt picture! Happy to remove the photo if so. Thanks for the prompt! ☺️

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  3. My face becomes stern and unwelcoming. The heat fills my cheeks. My hands shake uncontrollably. My vision is blurred and doubled. Quaking rises, and my shoulders tighten. My voice screams loudly, unintelligible words. My mind races then blanks out. My eyes turn red, the pupils turn almost totally black and cold. My fingers on one hand curl into a fist, ready to strike out at the nearest thing. I pick up a pair of scissors. Don’t try to stop me.

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  4. A cauldron of doubts and anxieties,

    Simmering away, bubbling.

    A growl that gets louder.

    Paranoia or distrust, propelling a person along,

    Driving them in a blind rage, towards the edge of a cliff.

    Agitation, a crescendo of fury, like an overpowering light, drowning out all rational thought.


  5. Anger feels like a warm blanket, slung over my shoulders like the heavy arm of an old friend who can encourage me with the silent raise of an eyebrow to go ahead. Its a welcomed glow, a black burning in the eyes where the smolder tastes of sea salt and pain. Under its shroud, protected and concealed while concealing nothing, walking upright and proud under the weight of heavy hammers. But, the burden of restraint of this consummated pleasure, hiding it, mostly, under the acceptable smile.

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  6. When I’m at my worst, anger feels an awful lot like happiness. (Both hit like bullets, actually.)

    Fortunately for the world, I generally get over both emotions pretty quickly.

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  7. 7/30/2010
    There’s a hurricane inside my head
    Anger turns to rage as if wind is picking up speed
    As the waves get bigger and stronger
    They rise higher and crash violently on the beach
    My mind is so confused
    Thoughts swirl like a typhoon
    Blood pressure rises
    The heat causes a color change in my face
    Vulgarities shoot from my mouth
    Like debris flying around
    I curse everything within arm’s reach
    With gross velocity and ferocity…
    …then the storm is over
    Composure is regained as calm is restored


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