Prompt of the Week: That Lonely Feeling

What does loneliness feel like?

Shout out to Emine Beasley for her lovely response to last week’s prompt.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

Stay safe and keep writing!

—- Lady Jabberwocky

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5 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: That Lonely Feeling

  1. Thanks so much for your shout out! Finding these prompts really thought provoking. ❤️
    Here’s my poem for this week:

    My heartbeat, my only company
I sit in my swivel chair
In my office
Full of stares
That aren’t really there

Frantic chatting, too loud laughter
Plans for the evening
All this surrounds me but never permeates my atmosphere
A lone star burning bright, troglodyte
Too hot for anyone to come close to

“She’s quiet.”
“She’s weird.”
“She’s disagreeable.”
“She always looks sad.”
Is this office gossip real
Or am I going mad?

Either way it creates a table for one that I can’t fight
I go deeper inside
My world a deserted night
Because the worst place I create is imaginary yet real
Forsaken, abandoned, alone, estranged
No happiness left to feel

Because the worst place I can be
Is the place I create just for me
A busy, thriving world of community
But I’m a lone boat on this overflowing sea.


  2. What is wrong with me at night, I can’t find my comfort place. I roll this way, I roll that way and wake up all night long. Ahhh, I get up and move my whole bedroom furniture around. My bed placed right up against the wall. I fall asleep instantly, my back against the wall. The bed no longer feels to spacious. My comfort I have found, something to lay next to, its cold…but better than nothing at all. 50 and Alone

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