Writing During Lunch Break: My New Favorite Writing Time

Hello Writer Bees!

Last week, I celebrated my 800th follower milestone, which I still can’t get believe. You guys are so amazing and supportive. Some of you were curious about my writer experience. So today, I’m sharing something new that makes me happy. With all the struggle going on in the world, it’s nice to be reminded of the small things in life that make us happy, right?

I started a new job back in August. A 9 to 5 cubicle job in an office. And as someone with no prior experience, being an assistant is tough work. The stress can be overwhelming sometimes. I’m managing as best I can. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were given the option of eating lunch at our desks. And the socially awkward introvert in me was thrilled by this. Don’t get me wrong, everyone working in the office is super nice. But, I like a little time to myself now and then. Translation: I like to hide from society now and then.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on my WIP during my lunch break. It’s like this quiet, hour long vacation, in the middle of a hectic day. Did I forget to mention eating while writing is my favorite combination? Seriously. What’s better than munching while making fiction happen? I absolutely love it. I look forward to this short lived writing time everyday. Maybe it’s the change of scenery, or me being away from home distractions, I actually get some writing done. Sure, it might only be 100 to 200 words a day. Still, I’m slowly creeping towards my goal of a finish novel.

Frankly speaking, I’m a night writer. Always have been. I prefer to write during the nighttime. To burn the midnight oil, as they say. My brain just feels more creative in the wee hours of the evening. Not sure why. And now, I can’t stay up as late as I used to when I was a freelance writer. However, writing during my lunch break has been a nice change of pace. I’ve fallen into a new routine. And I’m excited about it. This is a same small window of time, everyday, dedicated to writing and editing and outlining. Maybe that’s what I needed all along, to shake off my writer’s block.

For now, I’m making the most out of this pocket of time and appreciating every second.

Moral of the story, find the time to write, no matter the time of day. Even if it’s only a half hour. Even if it’s only 100 or so words. Progress is progress. Little by little, we all reach our goals eventually.

What time of day do you write in? And be honest, do you sneaky work on your WIP at your day job? Talk to me in the comments!

Keep writing and stay safe!

— Lady Jabberwocky

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18 thoughts on “Writing During Lunch Break: My New Favorite Writing Time

  1. My ideal writing time is nighttime, but I tend to write whenever I am able to. Sometimes I’ll get ideas while I’m unable to elaborate on them so I keep either pen and paper on me or I just use my phone to jot down notes. I also keep a notebook on my bedside table incase I get inspired by one of my dreams in the middle of the night. Due to Covid 19 I’ve been out of a job so I’ve found that since graduating from school I’ve had time to really focus on what I love which is too write.

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  2. It’s awesome that you’ve managed to find a time to write that works for you as well as working 9-5.

    My favourite time to write personally is first thing in the morning, as soon as I get up, often before eating breakfast or getting dressed. I don’t necessarily feel any more or less creative at this time of day, but it enables me to get some writing done and out of the way before getting caught up in my schedule for the rest of the day.

    I’ve tried writing during breaks from work, but I like to use my breaks to get some time away from my desk and screen, so find it a bit harder to fit writing in during this time. That’s okay, though!

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  3. Yay!! I’m so glad you have carved out a special piece of writing time in your day 😀 Progress is PROGRESS, no matter how little or big the step. Keep going, and keep writing!! My favorite time to write is in the mornings because I like to feel like I accomplished something earlier on in the day but more often than not I end up writing at 5 or 6 PM when I get home from work. Regardless, as long as we keep writing I know we’ll get there! I’m sending all good writing vibes your way ❤

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  4. I write whenever I am able honestly. I prefer to start in the morning, blink, and it’s 4PM…but between family and a full time working hours that isn’t always feasible. I’m not a night owl, but sometimes find myself up at all hours of the night if I start writing around 9pm, and then I fall in to the world of my WIP. Congrats on your progress! That is wonderful!

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  5. Happy 800! That’s amazing! I totally understand your introverted nature of hiding from society from time to time! Lol. That’s so nice that you get some time at lunch to do what you like to do. I tend to write on my days off and more than likely it’s in the evening or just when I’m inspired. I’ve been known to jot down titles and come back to them later also.

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  6. I honestly don’t really have an ideal writing time. If I’ve had a long day at work I’ll tend to write before I get in the shower. I know I really should shower first but I’m more motivated to at least start when I first get home. As for work, yes I have opened my note function and jotted down a few ideas so I don’t lose them.

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