Prompt of the Week: We Are All Unique

Share a fun fact or quirk about yourself. What sets you apart from the crowd?

Write your response in the comments. Best entry gets a shoutout next week!

Stay safe and keep writing!

—- Lady Jabberwocky

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5 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: We Are All Unique

  1. I hate climbing ladders but have no qualms about passing underneath. I’m born in the middle, raised on the left, and now live in the right; but my heart belongs to the high desert. I’m a ferocious mother and earthling and will not abide injustice and waste. I can write 2000 words, do all the laundry, bake sourdough, tend to the garden, and still have several hours to read in a day. I have more books than clothes, shoes, and all household goods put together. I like commas and am pro-semicolon — in spite of Vonnegut’s slander.

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