Prompt of the Week: Invent a Plant

On the first day of Spring, a newly bloomed plant is discovered, never seen before in nature.

Invent a plant.

Thanks to Jen and augustwriter08 for their awesome responses to last week’s prompt.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

Write with Heart,

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3 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Invent a Plant

  1. Her boots crunch in the early Spring snow as she traipses along the trail. The sun glistens off the crystalline surface; the reflected light plays with her eyes. A pulsing glow shines ahead. She steps towards the light, believing it to be some beacon, perhaps dropped by a fellow hiker. She stoops down, resting her knee in the cold snow. Slowly, hers eyes adjust to the light and she sees delicate flower petals in the shapes of hearts, iridescently glowing in white with sparkles fresh from a rainbow, around a vibrant teal blue pistol. A small style of purple protrudes from the center, topped with a golden stigma. She sighs from the beauty as she inhales the sweet fragrance which reminds her of warm tropical weather, a hint of coconut and banana. The heady odor is strong for such a diminutive flower. The blossom sits aloft a small tube like stem with a single broad leaf rising from behind it, protecting it from the elements. What an amazing find!

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  2. The plant is a beautiful tree that grows tall, with plenty of branches to climb, and leaves to keep my living room cool and shaded from the hot afternoon sun in summer, but branches never break off and kill other plants in the yard or cause damage to my house. And when the leaves fall off in the fall and the flowers fall off in the spring, they magically only travel in the direction away from my house, so they don’t clog the gutters and valleys and create drainage problems with water backing up into the ceiling and walls.

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  3. On the corner edge of the yard lies a mound of leaves and branches from Fall’s shedding and encapsulated by Winter’s blanket, for protection. Spring is here, it’s time for cleaning.
    Rake in hand I slowly unearth the dark and lifeless layers. Amongst the carnage I spot a flower. One that is unfamiliar.
    Bright and colorful. It doesn’t belong here under the decay.
    Closer examination reveals an intoxicating scent of berries and vanilla.
    Weeks pass as I watch in awe as a tall, multi-colored plant blooms. It could easily overtake any shrub on my land.
    It glistens in the sun like a million little diamonds.
    Sipping my tea, I ponder what to call this beautiful new creation that’s been hiding under layers of death and decay… Dragonfly.

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