Prompt of the Week: What Does Guilt Feel Like?

What does guilt feel like?

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

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4 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: What Does Guilt Feel Like?

  1. Edward felt the slow sting of a papercut. Fat bright blood welled up. Out of a wound so small that it seemed to have no source at all. He wondered, why does it hurt so much? Because it’s self-inflicted? Because it could have been so easily avoided? Because you know it will happened again? Because nothing makes it go away but time? He dabbed his finger with a paper tissue and wondered.

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  2. Guilt is heavy.
    A weight borne through ignorance, denial, regret, and responsibility.
    It will hold you down. Smash opportunity. Keep you from moving forward.
    Guilt is cumbersome.
    Large and foreboding to encompass your emotional space.
    It morphs over time. A gelatinous being slipping into every recess.
    Guilt is distracting.
    It gulps and slurps up large amounts of time and energy. It can consume you.
    It keeps you from living truth and sharing truth.
    Guilt is within us all.
    In varying degrees. It gives us anxiety. Stress. Imposter Syndrome.
    Put it in a row and lock the door once dealt with before it deals with you.

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  3. Guilt is the reading feeling in you that rips at everything you do. It is the feeling of loss and sadness. It’s the feeling of shame. It’s that feeling that never goes away until you’veade things right.

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