Prompt of the Week: Create a Sleuth Character

As fast as you can, create a character profile for a sleuth character.

Example of things to include, but not limited to;


Title: (Private Investigator, Detective, nosy neighbor, etc.)

Good/Bad traits:


Fun Facts/Quirks:

Be creative. Go wild.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

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7 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Create a Sleuth Character

  1. Ack, I have an elementary (and free) version of WordPress (I use this site just to store writing I’m publishing) and I can’t find the “like” button to reciprocally support your work (I’ve searched several posts — sometimes it’s right there under writers’ posts and other times, I can’t easily find it). Thank you for the like to one of my stories!

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  2. Alfred Bugehagen is the ghost of a corrupt Lexington cop who was killed for crossing the Dixie Mafia. He lives on in order to do what he didn’t in life – serve and protect. His only way of interacting with the living is by influencing machines. His normal shtick is to pretend to be an advanced law enforcement personal assistant/chatbot and help detectives still on the job solve crimes. He finds his existence as a ghost extremely boring and assumes that it’s some manner of purgatory that he can escape if he helps solve enough crimes. He wasn’t religious in life and is pretty freaked out by still existing. He has to walk everywhere and hates it.

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  3. She laughed over her shoulder at Tanager as she strolled her way out of the alley where he lay, coughing at his own stench, ugly in self deprecation. Sitting up, he paused for an unknown moment, imperceptibly shaking his head, trying not to overthink his life. Then turning to push himself up, his wings sort of flopped behind him. Only when he stood up did he give them a half hearted shake, loosing his own cloud of dust.
    He was a wreck, ever since the angels were exiled to live an eternity on Earth. I guess it would be until the planet itself gets engulfed by the sun. Whatever, it was f*cking torture!
    Detective was his third choice, private detective. Humans really didn’t give special treatment to angels. Aside from the wings, they were no different than people, maybe a little dumber, in most cases, except for the geniuses, and Tanager was no genius.

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