Prompt of the Week: Chilling Like A Villain

Describe the antagonist in your WIP. This can be a physical description, or their characteristics, or both.

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11 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Chilling Like A Villain

  1. Hmm… I don’t know if I really have a chief antagonist, considering the work I’ve been using to answer these prompts is an episodic continuing story. Each episode is different, and a lot of them have more to do with the character figuring out how the world works and finding who he is more so than an actual antagonist. In recent episodes, he has found himself on the outside of cliques within a group he is part of, so the people excluding him could be considered antagonists. Usually they are just people more well-connected than he is, not intentionally excluding him. And they are also some of the people the character considers his best friends…

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  2. (Just wrote for the fun of attempting the prompt. Hope it is okay…)

    Razor was his nickname. A stout and threadlike person. He is adamant about how things should be organized, from a small safety pin on his desk to how he tortures people. He induces pain in his victims in a cold and calculated fashion. Victims talk about how he counts to ten before pulling their nails out. Next time, he might or mightn’t pull out the nails. Consequently causing deathly tension to his victims, revealing his grasp of the psychology of pain.

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  3. Some of them travel alone, some moving in hordes. They’re always groaning as if they’re in pain but seem unaffected by all pain. Their shoulders or mouths spew dark red blood as they limp towards you, hunger seems to be the only thing that affects them, well, that a bullet to the head.

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  4. All right: Viper from Two Wolves.

    Viper is fun.

    When Beth asks about what kind of person Viper is, the closest thing she gets to an answer is that Viper is unpredictable. At the same time, Viper is also cool as hell. After all, she’s the real deal. She’s teched-up, highly-armed, and even has an awesome name. Viper. Her real name is Cassidy Cleroux, but she’s earned enough rep in the underworld of Free City that nobody’s going to go around calling her that. Nobody with half a neuron, anyway.

    Viper wears her glam out in the open with some aesthetic bodymods. Her hair is bright, neon blue, and she has red designer eyes that can shift colour up to yellow depending on her mood. Circuits run from her eyes into the skin of her cheeks and then up to connect with her ears. Beth finds out pretty quickly that Viper’s got onboard night vision. Wouldn’t be a bad guess to say her hearing is dialed way up, too.

    Beyond that, Viper’s got some scars along her arms and her abs that she likes to show off. She usually wears a slick jacket, but she’ll take it off when she wants to scrap—or when she just doesn’t feel like reloading. Reason she ditches the jacket is so the retractable blade installed in her forearm has room to come out. And, like every other freelancer who’s worth anything, she’s got tech installed beneath her skin that makes her stronger and faster than baseline humans.

    Viper is Beth’s new boss. When Beth meets her, they square off a little. At this point, Beth is still just a kid trying out for the big leagues, so it’s all false confidence. Viper toys with her and ultimately decides she likes the little punk. She even gives Beth her revolver and tells her to aim right at her. It’ll make for a great pic on her socials.

    Viper is everything Beth was hoping life in the underworld would be. And Beth isn’t sure how to feel about that.

    Fun prompt!

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