Prompt of the Week: New Year’s Resolution for 2022

What is your New Year’s resolution? What are your goals for 2022?

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

—Lady Jabberwocky

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3 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: New Year’s Resolution for 2022

  1. I wrote my goals down over the December holiday period. An Occupational Therapist suggested sending them to her in a months time. Gave me heaps of time to add to them and think some more.

    Personal Goals:
    (in no particular order)
    Write and publish a book in 2022
    Write to process events. Write blog posts. Write short memoir pieces. Return emails as much on time as possible.
    Earn my own money again.
    Leave the house whenever I need and want – including to get fresh sandwiches or sushi, visit a park when I want, attend Bunnings handiness workshops and the Repair Café in West End.
    Implement and maintain my pre-existing documentation – for example daily task lists, writing and reviewing my goals, financial overview including savings and budgeting, public transport visual guides, writing tools, etc
    OT to assist me in implementing my daily living skills, documentation (above paragraph), and working on my goals.
    A laser printer worth at least $400 will assist with this. Being able to put things on my wall with the real estate’s permission would help this.
    Medical access – not able to do video calls with gp on my phone or computer. She does not offer them. Only phone calls.
    Apply for a writing mentorship, for example The Next Chapter
    Buy an arm chair and couch – delivered. Replace my office chair. Replace my fridge. Replace my double bed.
    Create and maintain a healthy relationship with someone.
    Support (someone) to leave (their) domestic violence relationship, or for (them) to be removed from the family – safely for them.
    Do some gardening / lawncare here – for example, pulling up weeds and grow herbs.
    Move out of this shit hole obviously. Can’t see it happening. At all.
    Get an RSPCA rescue cat. Indoor cat only as I want to move to a better house. Like through a housing service.

    So there you go, hope its ok that I wrote this much in the comments?

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