Prompt of the Week: Ringing the Bell

Write a story or poem based on the word ‘ring’.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

—Lady Jabberwocky

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11 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Ringing the Bell

  1. A sticker on the door announced “Missed Delivery.” Her heart jumped, it finally arrived. She read the details. “Pick up your package at the following FedEx site.” Then she saw the last date for pick up. Tomorrow?! She was only gone for the weekend. Quickly, she arranged to move her schedule around. It couldn’t be sent back.

    The next morning, she made a beeline for the FedEx office. She turned over the slip and the clerk began to search for the box.

    She paced anxiously. The clerk wasn’t finding it. She could see his face, double then triple checking the numbers.

    “It will be a small box,” she called out.

    He moved some larger boxes around, then an audible sigh of relief. He walked back to the counter with a small box.

    She signed for the package and walked to the car. Carefully she opened it to find her own reward for getting that promotion…a white gold ring with an inset emerald.

    She slipped it on her right hand, and smiled.

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  2. Looking up the church steps,
    the bell caught my eye.
    How many times has it been rung I wonder, for each birth or death in this life?

    Sometime happy sometimes sad,
    but still a comfort through the years,
    I will never forget that ring
    in coming laughter and tears.

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