Prompt of the Week: Easter Bunny Is Here

Write a story or poem that includes the word “rabbit”.

Write your response in the comments bellow. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

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4 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Easter Bunny Is Here

  1. Once upon a springy morning
    Hopped a little rabbit.
    He wasn’t happy as can be
    as was his typical habit.

    He hopped and hopped and hopped around
    looking for a friend,
    He knew a true friend was worth having
    So he searched around each bend.

    Then from out behind a bush
    a creature suddenly appeared.
    The little rabbit gasped in surprise,
    Not expecting a rabbit with only one ear.

    “I’m looking for a friend” he said,
    “are you my kind of weird?
    “Not everyone wants to be my friend
    because I only have one ear.”

    The one eared rabbit anticipated
    what the other one would say
    he was shocked when given a hug and told
    “I don’t see why that matters anyway.”

    “Character is what matters
    in searching for a true friend
    Someone who will be there –
    even til the very end.

    “Someone to help you grow and learn
    through the ups and downs you’ll face.
    Someone who motivates you to be a better bunny is what good friendships make.”

    “I have two ears you have one
    this could be something great.
    You knew every bunny needs a hug
    so now let’s go and play.”

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