What Inspired My Short Stories (Part One)

Hey Writer Bees!

I’m always interested to hear where other creators find their inspiration for their stories. What tiny seed of an idea grew into an amazing work of fiction. Today, I’m sharing what inspired some of the stories I’ve posted here on this blog. The story behind my stories, if you will. Hope you enjoy.

The Sleepless Queen

Funny story behind this story. Every Sunday, I play Dungeons and Dragons with friends. My DnD character, Poet the Tiefling Rogue, has made an appearance here once or twice. Character creating in DnD is super fun. Different races and classes have their own unique traits and set of guidelines. For example, Elves don’t need eight hours of sleep, they only need four. And that got me thinking. What happens if your partners does not require the same amount of sleep you do? Like do they just watch their lover sleep? Or do they go do their own thing? I’m speaking in a hypothetical fantasy setting, of course. This simple “What if…” question sparked the idea behind this fantasy piece. A Queen who never sleeps, watching over her king and her kingdom.

This is BEN-G567

This 100 word story is about a robot drifting in space. That’s all. Essentially, this was a writing exercise in quick sentences. Brief sentences reminded me of robot speech. That mechanical, stiff way of communicating. Short sentences paired with an 100 word limit pushed my imagination into overdrive. Also, sci-fi is not a genre I swim around in often. Most of the time, I’m writing fantasy or mystery. As writers, It’s important to experiment with different words and writing styles and genres. Those challenges expand our horizons and make us stronger writers and creatives.

Oh She’s Marvelous

This one is about a clairvoyant wizard who looks into the future of his unborn child. At the time of writing this story, my partner’s family was expecting a baby. My nephew was about to be born. You know, when someone in your close family is pregnant, everyone gets excited. I remember all of us in baby fever. That baby fever surrounding our nephew’s birth inspired this short story. Along with my love of Merlin, of course. If I’m honest, I don’t know yet if children will be in my future. Right now, my partner and I are content being the fun aunt and uncle. But, it’s nice to imagine what a little one’s life will become. That’s what this story is about. And now, I can’t believe that tiny peanut will be two years old in September! Time flies!

At the end of the day, inspiration is hiding where you least expect. Open your eyes and your brain to the stories around you. Is there a story behind your work? What has inspired your writing? Talk to me in the comments.

If you guys really enjoy this post, let me know. Maybe this could become a series on the blog.

Write with heart.


Lady Jabberwocky

14 thoughts on “What Inspired My Short Stories (Part One)

  1. Love this!!! Sometimes inspiration arrives out of nowhere, and circles my brain driving me insane until I jot it down.

    A novel I started for Camp Nanowrimo was inspired by a picture that whispered to me.

    The post I’m working on at the moment was from an analogy I gave my friend.

    You never know where or when the muses will strike!

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  2. Fun topic here! As for my inspiration, the trilogy of novels I’m currently polishing for publication (The Chronicles of Westpost) started out as a set of bedtime stories I told to my children. Years later, they encouraged me to grow the stories up a bit, connect them in a story arc, and share them with the public. The goal is to have them come out by the end of this summer.

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  3. Hey! My daughter plays DnD every Sunday too! She writes. Like me, she’s in a slump. I often get story ideas from a line in a movie, or a lyric. Sometimes I write quick contemplative pieces set in dark bars, with smoke and jazz.

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  4. Hi, I am always interested in the story behind stories. If you could please continue. I write short stories too. Most revolve around Sherlock Holmes but I did one of the Avengers too. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

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