Prompt of the Week: Turtle Power

Write a story or poem that includes the word ‘turtle’.

Write your response in the comments below. Your entry may get a shout out next week!

Write with Heart,

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12 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Turtle Power

  1. My body is an everchanging and evolving home that is constantly in motion. In truth, I am protected by hypervigilance from destruction. My inner world thrives amidst the chaos around me as I glide through everyday life. However, there are moments when I wonder if time is moving through me or passing me by. Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly destined to remain behind the others, but then I realize they are rushing to win a race that doesn’t exist. They are always in a hurry to go nowhere because they forget to take in what’s around them. They desperately search for a destination that is much too grand to comprehend. An end goal that will forever in perpetuity be impenetrable to them. I find myself both blessed and cursed by my knowledge because life is much too clear in slow motion. Sometimes I long for the grainy fog of blissful ignorance. But then I remember that I am merely a turtle with a weak constitution.

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  2. Turtles are fun 🙂

    “Turtle, turtle in your shell,
    You aren’t looking very well.
    Are you feeling kinda blah?
    Stick out your tongue and please say AAAH.
    Oh, my heavens”, he did emote
    “There’s a frog down in your throat!
    Drink this tea brewed out of myrtle
    Feel better quick, my little turtle!”

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