Prompt of the Week: Feeling Thankful

What’s one thing you are thankful for this year?

Write your response in the comments below. Your entry may get a shout out next week!

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7 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Feeling Thankful

  1. Where do I begin to say how thankful I am for my husband, Bill? After more than 50 years of marriage, he is still my rock, my friend and my champion. He is the voice of reason when I’m running around in circles. He makes me laugh when I’m at my lowest yet knows when to stay still and give me some space. Bill will take on babysitting, driving the grands to/from school, anything where our help is needed. He knows I have problems with my arthritis and spinal stenosis and am not always able to pitch in and help; he’s got the bases covered. When it comes to writing, Bill is my greatest supporter and most honest critic. He’s very proud of my writing and has told everyone from our plumber to our doctor that “Nancy is a published author; she’s a great storyteller” (his words, not mine!). Bill is funny, smart, caring, patient and loving. I am so thankful he has been in my life all these years. And I still get coffee in bed every morning! ❤️

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  2. I am thankful that my older son and daughter-in-law had their first child, a healthy baby boy. Although I have yet to have met him in person (he was just recently born), I hope to be able to travel and be able to visit him soon.


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