Prompt of the Week: Don’t Stop the Party

Write a story or poem with a party as the setting.

Write your response in the comments below. Your entry may get a shout out next week!

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7 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Don’t Stop the Party

  1. It was the night of the annual neighborhood block party and the excitement was palpable. The air was filled with the sounds of laughter and music, and the streets were alive with people of all ages. The partygoers were dressed in their finest attire, ready to dance the night away.

    As the evening progressed, the party seemed to only get wilder and more energetic. The DJ played all the latest hits, and the dance floor was packed with people moving to the beat. The atmosphere was electric, and everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives.

    But the real highlight of the night was the fireworks display. As the sky lit up with vibrant colors and explosive sounds, the partygoers cheered and clapped, their faces glowing with delight. It was a moment of pure joy and unity, a celebration of community and friendship.

    As the party began to wind down and people started to make their way home, there was a sense of contentment and happiness in the air. It had been a night to remember, and everyone knew that they would be talking about it for years to come. The party may have come to an end, but the memories and the joy would live on forever

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  2. Don’t Stop the Party

    Leif plants his face in his hands, elbows propped on the table. The room is silent. He can hear his blood flowing through his ears. They’re hot.

    His mind shouts.
    POP! Santa’s body is laid cooling on the floor. Leif stands over the lifeless hulk.

    “What did you do?”

    He looks up to see Teelee, one of the head elves. “He was stalking my daughter. He spied on her, in her bedroom. He,” Leif chokes. “He knew everything about her.” He almost lunges at the sinking corpse. “Better watch out! He said.” Sneering, “Guess who forgot to watch…”

    He sits down.

    Leif is frozen for awhile, numbed by his twisted resolve, not by the cold. No, not this time. He lays the weapon on the floor next to The Clause and scrapes his feet on the icy floor as he leaves the office.

    As he enters the warehouse, chaos is overwhelming. Leif rubs his eyes, blinking wildly at the scene. Loud music, shouting, laughter, high pitched crazy laughter, it’s the elves. They’re insane.

    What? “What?! Stop it! Can’t you see what happened? Your boss is dead!” Leif is regretting his act. He grew up loving the guy. Why. Was it a spell? Maybe he was wrong. What about, the children?

    The elves are statues, stunned by Leif, his words, his very presence. They drop their arms and slowly move toward him. In his mind, he knows he must pay the price and take his medicine. He’s shivering, exposed.

    They surround him and wait until Teelee finds her way through the gangs of elves. She pushes her way in front of Leif, plants a fist on each of her hips and speaks up at him.

    “Don’t stop the party, man. We’ve been as good as slave labor for centuries. We’re free now, thanks to you.” She turns briefly to regard her kin. “Union. Know what I’m sayin’?”

    “No.” Leif shrugs dully as he hauls himself back into the cold solitude of the arctic. He decides that he won’t bring up the topic of gifts at the table, tonight.


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