Prompt of the Week: A Whale of a Time

Write a story or poem that includes the word ‘whale’.

Write your response in the comments below. Your entry may get a shout out next week!

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7 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: A Whale of a Time

  1. “This new project is stressing me out,” he said as he nursed the cup of coffee in his hands, “I feel like Jonha in the belly of the whale and I’m just relying on -”

    “Big fish,” his co-worker held up a single index finger and sipped his coffee.


    “As the story goes, it was a big fish but the common misconception was that a whale swallowed him.”

    “Oh,… Anyway, this project -”

    “In fact,” the co-worker sipped his coffee again, “People in that particular time and place would have had no idea of what a whale was since they weren’t native to the area.”

    “Probably, so anyway -”

    “Of course,” there was another sip. “There weren’t any aquatic animals in the area large enough to swallow a whole human, I don’t think.”

    “Are you even listening?”

    “Not that a person could live inside the belly of an animal for three days.”

    “I’m talking about this project, so could we focus?”

    “Sure, go ahead.”

    “So, at the moment, the project is just a hodge-podge of spreadsheets and reports all stitched together. It looks like Frankenstein.”

    “Frankenstein was the scientist, not the monster.”

    “Okay, we’re done talking.”

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