Prompt of the Week: A Free Writing Space

Freewriting time! Consider this a free space to write whatever you want.

Write your response in the comments below. Your entry may get a shout out next week!

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7 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: A Free Writing Space

  1. The last three weeks have been awesome.
    But I knew it wouldn’t last.
    Now I’m back to the darkness and gloom that have shrouded the last four years.
    I need to try something new to get out of this.
    But I’m so tired…….

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  2. We have a dancer at the table. It’s a wee dog, puppy still. She can’t get over it we are eating something. Idle is our hope she will outgrow this behavior. Lizzy she’s named and for putting her head between our armpits she is famed.

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  3. Tanner, with her father’s help, started to reel in her fishing line. Just by the effort both of them were expending I knew this was a big catch. I was careful not to interfere as this was a nice father/daughter bonding moment. After a short time there it was, a full grown Mahi-Mahi fish. It’s blue green skin flashing brilliantly against the cloudless noon sky.

    A great catch.

    “46 Pounds!”, Jeff yelled out from the starboard side scales. By then, all of us were just sitting in the afternoon sun exchanging high fives and thinking of what spices we were going to use for our specific fillets.


  4. I wrote this one based on a piece I was listening to called “For Chris” by Brock Hewitt. 😊

    The scene is clear in my mind.

    It’s almost the same as the one before my eyes, but the forest is greener, younger, like I was. The stream was swollen in those days and now I can barely hear it trickle on by.

    Voices carry on the wind, mine and Connor’s, carefree and confident as only the young can be. We splash our feet in the icy water, toes turning red with cold.

    I dip my foot in that same stream, though it’s murkier now than I remember. It’s warmer, too, a comforting sensation. It wraps meep like the memory, holds me tight in a familiar hug.

    I smile, and my mind continues to dwell in days long past.

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  5. The breeze danced across my face, carrying a salty taste. Sniffing in the the clean air, I sighed out in pleasure. My worry’s lifting off of my shoulders like a curse. A place were negative emotions can’t touch me and responsibilities are thrown to the wind. This was my safe place, a place I wish to never leave and dread when I must say goodbye. I want to stay here, but at last I could not.

    “how do you feel?” My therapist asked, awakening from my session. I pulled off my helmet and glared at her. But she smiled sweetly “that’ll be two-thousand dollars, would you like to pay cash or card?”

    “Just put it on my tab.” I mumbled.

    “Of course, but remember you already owe us ten grand, after today you must pay it all in full if you want more sessions.”

    I nodded and got up. Walking towards the hanger, I slid on my protective suit and mask before heading out of the room. Waving goodbye to the front desk, I headed outside, staring out into the barren red desert, I turned and walked towards my pod. I looked up into the sky, mourning our beloved earth that now decorated the sky with its shattered body.


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