Prompt of the Week: Ready to Be Loved

What does love feel like?

Write your response in the comments below. Your entry may get a shout out next week!

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9 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Ready to Be Loved

  1. Love is the joy you feel just holding hands with the man you love.
    The smile from your adult son and wife when you meet.
    The hugs you receive from grandchildren.
    Love is why we’re here.
    These may be cliches but are so true.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

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  2. Love feels like sunshine on blustery winter morning.
    It feels like the softness of a baby’s face.
    It feels like someone is hugging your heart.
    Love feels heart wrenching when you watch your loved ones suffer because of their own mistakes, and knowing they have to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps when you want to swoop in and save them.

    Love feels heart healing when you find that one person who sees the deepest part of your soul – good, bad and ugly – and selflessly shows you what it’s like to truly be loved.

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  3. Love feels like going outside in the dark to look for the moon when it hasn’t risen yet. You can’t see it, and maybe you don’t believe it’s coming, but eventually, it will rise. Instead, you see the blinking lights of a plane and are transported to an airport at night. This reminds you of an old friend and you smile. Even though you’re barefoot on concrete in the dark, and the cold is making them cramp while the skin of your toes blister, you stand still as the plane flies further and further away. You’d really like to work the nightshift at an airport, you decide. Then something in your core splits, because you really loved that friend, and you wish you could hold onto them again. The wind blows across your face and you go back inside. Because love doesn’t die. It just changes.


  4. Haha! It’s been so long
    Sparks seem like springs
    And shoots into blooms
    That echo from some familiar mountain.
    Of late, as mentioned,
    Hands wrapped
    Under tussled canopies
    Of autumn leaves,
    Seen paired by strolling witness
    Beneath bough and prayer.
    It is the mood of the sky,
    Bold pushing marching
    Towers carrying cool rain
    And music
    To July crops,
    Or painted dusk
    Wanting the touch
    To find some hidden truth
    And warmth
    And promise
    Into infinite wrap
    And forever free


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