Prompt of the Week: Ravishing Red

Write a story or poem that includes the color ‘Red’.

Write your response in the comments below. Your entry may get a shout out next week!

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

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5 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Ravishing Red

  1. “Mom!” She scowled as her mother walked out of her bedroom.
    “What?” Mother said, shocked at the attitude from her normally precious child.
    She pointed at her mother’s bright red blouse and struck an accusing pose.
    “What? I like red. It’s a beautiful color.”
    Her daughter rolled her eyes and pulled at her kelly green polo. “Don’t you realize?”
    Her mother grew confused. “Yes, you look nice in green. So?”
    Exasperated, her daughter huffed, “It’s St. Patty’s Day!” ☘️

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