Prompt of the Week: What’s in Your Easter Egg?

You open an Easter egg and what’s inside is DEFINETLY not candy. What’s in the plastic egg?

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

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2 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: What’s in Your Easter Egg?

  1. I open the pink Easter egg expecting to find another individually wrapped Milky Way but much to my dismay and also to my curiosity, there’s a little piece of paper folded up inside carefully. One of the kids must have done this, I thought. Something about how carefully folded up it was led me to open it and read its contents. The piece of paper had 3 x 3 dimensions and the message was written in calligraphy.
    If you’re looking for a real hunt, I’ve hidden a small fortune in one of three locations in the city. You’re one of three persons who have found this message. Below are three different coordinate points. Only one of them has the prize, so choose carefully. Good luck.
    I scoffed and thought it to be some practical joke. I looked around to see if maybe others got pranked too… there was an older man with glasses, short and stocky, with a semi-bald head. I could tell he was old. I don’t think he was in the spirit of Easter egg hunting so probably one of his kids brought it to him. The paper. He held the same paper in his hand and I caught him just gawking at it.
    I started walking up to him when I was blocked by a fellow co-worker.
    “Hey man! Good to see you, you made it!”
    I just smiled and tried to look over his shoulder but by then the man was gone. It seemed by the way he looked at it that he believed the paper. Maybe it wasn’t a hoax. After all, this was at a country club. Any number of these people were affluent, including the host. I decided to investigate.
    I went home and did some research on the computer. Turned out they were real coordinate points for locations in the city. One was under an overpass, the other in the middle of the woods and one belonged to the backyard of an abandoned house. I thought long and hard about where he would hide it. Underneath the overpass was a center for all the vagabonds of the city. If he were going to hide it there, surely he would have been seen. Secondly, the backyard of the abandoned house could be dug up at any moment since the land still belonged to the city.
    It had to be the forest. I printed out a map of the coordinates and decided to go there after work the next morning. After all, I had one third of a chance that anyone would show up to that precise location. More than likely they wouldn’t.
    The afternoon came and I was driving. I almost couldn’t believe I was doing it but my sense of adventure got the best of me… and also my lust for money. I parked my car on a road off the beaten path but as I’m pulled in I notice a car is already there.
    “Can’t be.”
    I step out and decide to waste no time. If someone is already there then I have to beat them to it. I sprint across the woods and even trip a couple of times but I survived to make it out to the other side. When I did, there was a man there overlooking the river. It’s the man from before, baldie. I couldn’t believe it. He heard me come out sprinting and panting and he turned his head to me.
    “The water’s too deep, and I can’t swim.”
    I paused looking at him for a good five seconds and then continued staring at him as I kicked both of my shoes off.
    “Your loss.”
    I jumped into the water headfirst and swam my way across. No problem. As I was coming onto land on the other side I heard a cry.
    I turned around and it was baldie. He was in the river flailing his arms around. Looked like he was drowning.
    “This can’t be real,” I said to myself.
    I pulled the bald man out and helped him onto land and he sat there coughing and wheezing.
    “How much water did you swallow?” I ask him.
    “Enough,” he said to me.
    “That was stupid.” I placed my hands on my hips and cracked my back. “Well since I saved your life I think it’s only right that you repay me by letting me get my hands on that treasure.”
    “Fair enough,” he said. “But I came this far, can I see it?”
    We ventured into the woods on the other side and found the exact coordinate point. Neither of us had brought a shovel so we both started digging with our hands. Dirt encasing itself underneath our fingernails, worms crawling out of the mud. Finally after minutes of digging there was a small black tin box.
    “Well? Open it,” he said to me.
    “I was getting to it.”
    I opened up the box and there was another piece of paper.
    “You’re joking right?” I asked myself but still I opened it.
    Inside was information that could make me and the next man rich. I told baldie I would give him a share for helping. To think it was all because I decided to go to a stupid Easter party.

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