Prompt of the Week: Where We Lay Our Scene

Describe the setting of your WIP. Where and when does your story take place?

Hats off to these wonderful writers for participating in last week’s villainous writing prompt.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

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7 thoughts on “Prompt of the Week: Where We Lay Our Scene

  1. During the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, the military cleared out as many of the infected as they could from London, blocked it off with fences and gates to make a safe city within London where survivors could go.
    Within these gates are other mini-cities, they’re blocked off from each other with gates and each has military guards keeping them safe, each city is populated different, the first section the young and wounded who are getting checked to make sure they’re safe and each city’s population gets stronger the closer to the centre you go. That’s where the main base is, where most of the soldiers are living and working, along with nurses and scientists working on figuring the virus out.

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  2. My setting is a quirky college town in the western USA called Jeromeville, in the mid-1990s, when music was great and the Internet was just emerging into the mainstream but had not taken over every aspect of life yet.

    (Jeromeville is based on a real place. I don’t publicly admit where, because most of my characters are based on real people who don’t know I’m writing about them…)

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  3. Two Wolves is set in Free City: an independent city-state somewhere on the east coast of North America. It’s 2058, and the world has been through a lot, but somehow, humanity pulled through and started rebuilding.

    What’s left of the United States is your classic militaristic, authoritarian dystopia (oops). Around the rest of the world, for the most part, corporations have survived nations to become the preeminent sovereign powers on the planet. There’s a lot of other context, but TL;DR, Free City springs up in the ruins of New England and secures its independence as neutral, diplomatic ground for those corporations and what’s left of the UN.

    Now, in 2058, it’s a thriving utopian megalopolis built on clean energy and pure, unadulterated socialism. Mostly. Still, people get bored and decide to become “freelancers” (more commonly called ronin or samurai, depending on who they work for), kitting out their bodies with dope new technology and running around shooting each other. The powers that be would never tell you, but the whole place would fall apart without those mercs getting everything done.

    Enjoying these prompts! 🙂

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  4. Omigosh I have so many settings! Probably because I have so many works in progress. Should probably do something about that…

    For my Superhero setting we have Jet City!
    Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Jet City is the answer to the question: What if Metropolis became Gotham City? Once a thriving center of Science and Progress, Jet City is a shadow of its former self as it struggles to maintain its status as a super city in a world that seems to defy its very existence. With superhero numbers at an all time low and superhuman numbers following suit, predatory capitalists and supervillains alike hungrily eye the cash starved city with machinations that promise to make life so much worse for Jet City citizens (or Jetizens if you prefer).
    Some quick facts:
    -Jet City began life as a small trading outpost named Jetty.
    -During World War II, it quickly grew to meet the needs of the war effort, and tripled in size over the course of several years.
    -The man most responsible for this growth, John Trent, ran a successful mayoral campaign based on this fact.
    -Jet City is named after the young local war hero Timothy “Jet” Ryder, who was an ace fighter pilot in the skies over Europe.
    -Nestled between Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountain Range, Jet City has more airports, airfield and airstrips than any other city in the world.
    -Close to a quarter of the city in uninhabited or abandoned. In the worst areas, whole city blocks are empty, left for nature to reclaim.

    Thanks for the prompts!

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